Among the usual wishes for health, love and happiness in the new year, one pair of bright-eyed youngsters scribbled their dreams of “making it” on slips of confetti at the Times Square Wishing Wall.

“To be on Broadway” and “To be a roc[k]et,” wrote 8-year-old twins Camila and Carolina Castañeda, of Huntington Beach, CA.

An annual tradition since 2007, the colorful pieces of confetti bearing people’s deepest desires will rain down on the New Year’s Eve crowd gathered in Times Square.

Andriana Yatsyshyn, 17, was also among the 80,000 people who submitted their 2023 aspirations at the booth run by the Times Square Alliance.

“I really want to get into the University of Southern California — my dream school — so that’s my wish. I predominantly make narrative films. I recently made a film and won this thing called YoungArts for it, so I’m feeling very good about it,” said the high school senior from Manhattan. 

Girls in hats and gloves hold up their wishes
Twins Camila and Carolina Castaneda, 8, from Huntington Beach, Ca., wish to be on Broadway and be a Rockette.
Helayne Seidman
woman holds up confetti with wish
Andriana Yatsyshyn, 17, from NYC, wants to get into USC as a film major.
Helayne Seidman

Leah Arreguin, 16, of New Jersey, wished for a “fluffy white cat,” to fill the void in her heart left by the death of her young feline, Colby, who died unexpectedly in her arms earlier this year. 

She already knows the name of her new furry friend. “Fluffy,” Arreguin said with a laugh. 

Others dedicated their wishes to their loved ones. 

Brian Arthur, 45, was sent a list of wishes from his 8-year-old daughter Cleo, who ordered him to write them on a piece of confetti in her place while he traveled to the city from Indianapolis for work. Her wishes included a Pomeranian, an Apple watch, pink Air Jordan shoes and to win all of her cheer competitions.

There’s bad news for Cleo though, her dad confessed.

“The Pomeranian is not going to happen. We have two other dogs already,” Arthur admitted.

Kristyn Pavich, 38, wished for her 9-year-old son, Jaksyn, “to grow healthy, strong, kind and loving, even more than he already is, in 2023.”

man and woman hold up their wish
Kristyn, 38, and Richard Pavich, 43, from Montgomery, N.Y., wish for son Jaksyn, 9, to grow healthy, strong, kind, and loving even more than he is in 2023.
Helayne Seidman

Joe Tarricone, 63, said, “My wish is that my girlfriend will be healthy. I care for this girl and I want to see her in good health in 2023.” Kelly battled COVID-19, pneumonia and a virus in 2022. 

While manning the Wishing Wall kiosk, Broadway Group Brand Ambassador Kara Achilles said she was most inspired by someone’s wish “to get a handle on my anxiety,” she said. 

You can submit your wishes at the kiosk or online at the Times Square Alliance’s and Planet Fitness’ websites through Dec. 29.