Jake Tapper could not hide his disgust at having to cover the Republican speaker election, which he called a clown car.

Tapper said on CNN, “I’m covering life and death issues, serious tragedies, serious momentous occurrences here in Israel, and of course in Gaza. And, of course, we have to interrupt this for one moment to cover the complete and utter clown car that is the House Republican speaker’s race back in Washington, D.C. This morning, the House Republican conference selected someone, a rational human being, Minnesota congressman Tom Emmer to be its new nominee for Speaker of the House. However, moments ago, a source tells CNN, Emmer was forced to drop out of the race. Let’s get to Manu Raju, who is live for us on Capitol Hill. Manu? Was he too sane? What happened?”


Jake Tapper’s contempt for even having to talk about the House Republican nonsense was great, but what really put the segment over the top was when Tapper asked Manu Raju if Emmer was undone because he was too sane.

The mainstream media is talking about Republicans in a way that has never been done before. Republicans are being discussed as the party of crazy on some of the biggest media outlets. The longer this debacle goes on the more the media abandons its both sides nonsense and starts to see Republicans for what they are.

The Republican Party under Donald Trump is a dysfunctional band of extremists who only want to cause chaos to elevate their own fame on the right. Many of these people have no interest in governing and would be happy to never elect a Speaker of the House.


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