A “disturbing” video of Sean “Diddy” Combs confronting a teenage Justin Bieber about his whereabouts has resurfaced after the producer’s homes were raided amid an ongoing sex-trafficking investigation.

The clip showed the “Coming Home” rapper greeting the “Peaches” hitmaker in the studio as his singing career started to take off, questioning why Bieber distanced himself from him.

“What’s up man, you good?” the Bad Boy Records founder asked in the video. “Selling out arenas and everything? Starting to act different, huh? You haven’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out.”

Justin Bieber with Diddy

Another video of Sean “Diddy” Combs with a teenage Justin Bieber has resurfaced after the rapper’s homes were raided amid a sex-trafficking investigation. Twitter/ReturnOfKappy

Justin Bieber with Diddy

The video showed the “Coming Home” rapper confronting the “Baby” hitmaker at a studio. Twitter/ReturnOfKappy

Stumbling on his words, Bieber — who was around 16 years old at the time — responded, “I mean you tried to get in contact with me throughout all my [projects] and what not — but you never got my number.”

Pulling out his phone, the “Ghost” crooner, now 30, added, “I’m going to tell you my number.”

The short interaction left several fans uneasy as many rushed to the comments to analyze Bieber’s behavior.

Justin Bieber with Diddy

“What’s up man, you good? the Bad Boy Records founder said in the video. Twitter/ReturnOfKappy


He continued, “Selling out arenas and everything? Starting to act different, huh?” WireImage

“This is a creepy video,” one person wrote. “Justin seems nervous around him.”

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“Justin seems so uncomfortable, this is so disturbing,” another chimed in.

“Poor kid didn’t know what to say,” a third added.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Justin Bieber

“You haven’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out,” Diddy added. FilmMagic

Earlier this week, another video of the two resurfaced, showing the “Yummy” singer and Diddy, 54, discreetly discussing the antics they had planned for their two days together.

Standing next to Bieber, the “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper said, “Where we hanging out and what we doing, we can’t really disclose, but it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream.”

He explained Bieber was signed with Usher — whom Diddy previously had “legal guardianship” of when he produced the “Yeah!” hitmaker’s first album when Usher was 16.

Justin Bieber

Bieber appeared to be at a loss of words as he told Combs he didn’t have his number. Justin Bieber / Instagram

Diddy with Justin Bieber

“I mean you tried to get in contact with me throughout all my [projects] and what not — but you never got my number,” the “Peaches” crooner said. FilmMagic

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“I don’t have legal guardianship of him [Bieber], but for the next 48 hours, he’s with me,” Diddy continued. “We gonna go full buck full crazy.”

The trending clips come after the “Bad Boy For Life” hitmaker’s Los Angeles and Miami mansions were raided by Homeland Security on Monday.

Videos from the raid at Combs’ $40 million California home showed his sons Justin, 30, and Christian, 25, being questioned by police as several agents swarmed the property with guns.

Justin Bieber with Diddy

Several fans took to the comments, describing the clip as “disturbing.” FilmMagic


“Justin seems so uncomfortable,” one person wrote. WireImage

Later that night, they were seen fleeing the property with their bags packed.

As for Combs, he was allegedly on a private jet at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport in Florida when Homeland Security arrived and stopped him, according to TMZ.

Video obtained by the outlet showed him pacing back and forth outside the airport, though he wasn’t detained.

Police and Homeland Security officers are seen at Diddy's waterfront mansion in Miami

The video resurfaced days after Diddy’s homes were raided. MEGA

Diddy's homes get raided by Homeland Security

The rapper is currently facing a slew of sexual assault and abuse allegations. Sniper. / SplashNews.com

Page Six previously reported Diddy was heading to the Bahamas with his twin daughters, Jesse and D’Lila, 17, for spring break.

Meanwhile, Combs’ attorney referred to the raids as a “witch hunt.”

“Yesterday, there was a gross overuse of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr. Combs’ residences. There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities or the way his children and employees were treated,” Aaron Dyer told Page Six.


However, he has vehemently denied the allegations against him. WireImage


His lawyer also referred to the raids as a “witch hunt.” Getty Images for MTV

Since the raids, allegations that Combs paid women for sex work have surfaced.

Aside from the recent investigation, Diddy has been dealing with several lawsuits accusing him of sexual abuse and assault, though he has vehemently denied the allegations.

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-330-0226.