Issue One is a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in Ohio. It has just been passed with the New York Times calling it as the votes are currently at the time of this writing 56.3% for to 43.7% against.

On top of girls and women winning the right to live and have freedom, which is something we shouldn’t even have to be fighting for in 2023, things also do not look so great for Republicans.

Referendum results show that about 20% of Trump voters crossed party lines to vote to protect abortion. It was Trump’s term that turned the Supreme Court into the full-on corrupt, activist court that it is now, so that’s a reminder that people don’t often vote with the full picture in mind.

“Based on referendum results in Ohio, it looks like about ~20% of Trump voters are willing to cross party lines and vote for abortions protections when it’s put up to a vote. If that doesn’t convince GOP politicians not to run on this issue, I don’t know what will,” G Elliott Morris, director of data analytics at ABC/538 wrote. “Certainly this should put to bed the notion that a majority of Americans support a federal ban on abortion, as has become conventional wisdom among the GOP presidential candidates.”

As Rachel Maddow pointed out on Monday evening, abortion has been on the ballot in six states since the Supreme Court overturned Roe. Abortion rights won every. single. time.

In 2022, abortion rights won in California, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, and Vermont.

In 2023, abortion rights won in Ohio even with despicable lies and an attempt to confuse voters. Oh, and purging 26,000 voters in the lead up to the referendum vote.

Abortion rights have won every. single. time.

Also, even though the media is telling you that President Biden is polling so badly he could never beat a man who rarely showed up for the job when he had it, Democrats “are nearly twice as likely as Republicans to say the issue of abortion makes them more likely to vote in 2024.”

Do not mess with women: This is a lesson Republicans have clearly not learned — and how could they, being led by an accused serial sexual assaulter who was found legally liable for rape. Of course, they don’t listen to women. They don’t see us coming. They never have.


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