Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, didn’t deny that Trump was trying to get $454 million for his fraud bond from Russia or Saudi Arabia.

Habba said on Fox News, “There’s rules and regulations that are public. I can’t speak about strategy that requires certain things and we have to follow those rules. Like I said, this is manifest injustice. It is impossible. It’s an impossibility. I believe they knew that. I think that’s why mid trial, frankly, they changed their ask from 250 million to the ridiculous amount of money that they’ve asked for. I think everything is done intentionally. I do not doubt that the witch hunt that the Election interference goal is what was ringing steady and loudly and true throughout all these trials, frankly, and we’re seeing it.”


Fox host asks whether Trump is trying to get his bond money from Saudi Arabia or Russia

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Trump’s lawyer says she can’t answer that question.

— Lis Power (@LisPower1) March 20, 2024

It would have been easy for Habba to say no, Trump is not looking for any foreign government to post his bond, but that is not what she said. Habba had to speak carefully because Special Counsel Jack Smith and the Department of Justice are watching right now.

Trump is desperate for money, and he would probably take it from anyone, anywhere. The former president has never been concerned about protecting national security or jeopardizing the nation if it will benefit his personal interests.

Due to the amount of fraud, and the self-reported wealth of the defendant, there is nothing wrong with the judgment in the fraud case. Trump has claimed that he is a billionaire for decades, so the idea that is now claiming that the judgment is unjust is not plausible.

America’s national security is in danger, which is why the federal government needs to be alert for any large foreign funds transfers to Donald Trump.

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