While honoring those who defended democracy before and during 1/6, President Biden called Trump and his gang predators.

Video of Biden:

While honoring Ruby Freeman with Presidential Citizens Medal, President Biden calls Trump and his gang, “Predators and pedlers of lies which fueled the insurrection. ” pic.twitter.com/xmfGzrzQ9o

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 6, 2023

The President said while honoring Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss:

Ruby, who for years has taken time away from her own business to work an election season to honor voting rights in her beloved city, and her daughter Shaye, who learned from her grandmom, how older generations of her family fought so hard to get the right to vote, so Shaye decided to become a full-time election worker to help the elderly, disabled, students, exercise their fundamental right to vote.

Both of them were just doing their jobs until they were targeted and threatened by the same predators and pedlers of lies which fueled the insurrection. They were literally forced from their homes, facing despicable racist taunts, despite it all, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss found the courage to testify in front of the entire world to set the record straight about the lies.

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President Biden was correct. Trump and his crew are predators who seek out and prey upon those who are aggrieved and readily willing to be manipulated by misinformation and lies.

A lie was the foundation of the attack on the Capitol. A lie about a stolen election that was designed to sabotage democracy in a bid to keep a failed president in power.

Trump is a predator, and on each January 6th, the American people need to be reminded of this fact so that hopefully the nation will never have to endure another day like the one when the Capitol was attacked.


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