CNN anchors referred to Trump’s press conference as rant without a teleprompter and referred to its “disjointed” presentation.

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CNN cuts off its live coverage of Trump’s press conference and calls it a “rant.” CNN also pointed out that without his teleprompter Trump’s presentation was “disjointed.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) May 31, 2024

Wolf Blitzer cut off the CNN live coverage at 11:24 ET and said, “We’re going to keep listening to what the former president has to say. But clearly without a teleprompter. He’s going off the cuff. He’s railing against almost everything.”

Erin Burnett added, “And Wolf, the fascist state, of course the line that stands out. But as you point out the other key off the teleprompter, so it is very much off the cuff, so you’re getting a rant and reliving of the case and how he sees it. But then the sort of hold a sacks, right? Talking about polls are talking about his role or taking on a witness are talking about electric vehicles. I mean, it is it is very disjointed in the presentation.”

CNN cut Trump off at 11:24 AM ET. By 11:28 AM ET, MSNBC had also cut Trump off.

The fact that two cable networks made the decision to dump him is important, because Trump won the 2026 election in large part on the basis of billions of dollars in free media. Eight years later, Trump can’t even get full coverage of his remarks after being convicted of 34 felonies.

By pointing out that Trump was speaking off the cuff sand without a teleprompter, the network delivered to their viewers important factual context about Trump and his ability to effectively communicate. Pointing out that Trump’s was off his teleprompter and disjointed highlights his mental facilities and provides important context for Trump’s behavior.

For years, cable news has sold Trump’s disjointed mental state as normal, so it was refreshing for CNN to point out the accurate context for Trump’s remarks.

CNN didn’t have to say it, but Trump is clearly mentally not the same as he was in 2016, and it showed in his failed attempted to spin his convictions.

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