In a new court filing, the Department of Justice says that they knew by August 2022 that Trump was hiding and moving classified documents.

MSNBC’s Lisa Rubin tweeted:

… that at least some of Trump’s boxes had been moved to his residence and/or Pine Hall (the area right outside his residence) between roughly Jan. 2022 and June 3, 2022. /2

— Lisa Rubin (@lawofruby) July 6, 2023

The big question is how did the DOJ know so much about the classified documents, the number of boxes, and the fact that they had been moved.

DOJ had established before the search that Trump lied to them about turning over all the classified materials. The Mar-a-Lago search was not a witch hunt as Trump likes to claim. Law enforcement knew what they were looking for when entering Trump’s club. They knew that Trump had lied to them. The former president had classified documents on his property and was moving them around.

Maybe someday, the nation will find out who was the Justice Department’s source of information. With security being so bad at Mar-a-Lago, it is possible that the Feds could have purchased a membership and been roaming around on their own.

Trump seems to be about ten moves behind the Justice Department. Federal law enforcement has been ahead of him the whole time. They aren’t flying blind, and if recent stories are any indication. they have been trying to build a solid case against Donald Trump for quite a while.


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