Authorities search for human remains in Mexico
Authorities search for human remains this week in Jalisco state where five young men were shown brutally murdered on a video. FiscaliaJal/Facebook

The father of one of the five young men shown in a video being murdered by a Mexican drug cartel claims the remains found at the scene of the crime do not belong to the victims.

Juan Martinez, the father of Jaime Adolfo Martinez Miranda, 21, told Mexican newspaper El Occidental this week that the charred remains found in Jalisco state in central Mexico do not belong to the five school friends who went missing after they were lured to what they thought was a job recruitment site.

“They [the authorities] showed us photographs of four burned out bodies, but none of them are our sons,” Martinez told the newspaper, adding the families were shown photos of dentures and one body that featured a metal rod to help heal a broken bone. “They all practiced sports and hadn’t broken any bones. They are not our children.”

The cartel demanded the the victims join their ranks as hitmen, authorities said.

Jaime Adolfo Martinez Miranda
Juan Martinez said that charred human remains found by authorities do not belong to his son Jaime Adolfo Martinez Miranda (pictured).
Jaime Miranda/Facebook
Aerial view of execution site in Lagos de Moreno
Aerial view of are in Lagos de Moreno, in Jalisco state, where Mexican authorities said they found the remains of five students killed by a cartel in a graphic video this week.
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The young men, all students and friends who ranged in age from 19 to 22 were duct-taped, beaten, stabbed and beheaded in a graphic online video.

They were looking for employment in the town of Lagos de Moreno as private security guards and were not seen again until the grisly video surfaced Tuesday, according to reports.

Authorities, who found the site where they believe the killing took place, did not say which criminal enterprise was behind the kidnapping and murder of the students.

Police in Jalisco state
Police in Jalisco state were deployed earlier this week to search for the five young men whose disappearance and apparent brutal murder sent shock waves around the world.
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Five young captives
Five young men were lured to what they thought was a job recruitment that was managed by one of the Mexican cartels that is vying for control of Jalisco state.

Two major cartels — the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel — are currently locked in battle for control of the region.

El Pais reported that the mark “Pure MZ” found on the video stands for Mayo Zambada, the leader of the Sinaloa cartel.