Kevin McCarthy rants about

A group of 11 House Republicans who are enraged at Kevin McCarthy over the debt limit deal embarrassed him by blocking a rules vote and preventing four bills from coming to the House floor.

NBC News reported:

A band of 11 House conservative rabble-rousers on Tuesday took the rare step of joining all Democrats to block a pair of GOP bills to protect gas stoves to express their anger over the debt deal cut by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden.

The procedural vote was rejected, 206 to 220, stunning longtime lawmakers and reporters who have not seen a rule vote — a procedural measure typically widely supported by the majority party — go down in more than two decades.

Matt Gaetz joined with the Republican who are warning Speaker McCarthy that unless all of their complaints are dealt with, they are going to stop legislation from coming to the House floor for a final vote.

Kevin McCarthy may have gotten a debt limit deal through the House, but his job is far from safe. Speaker McCarthy already gave his critics everything to get the gavel, so the only thing left that is opponents could possibly want is for Kevin McCarthy not to be the Speaker of the House any longer.


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