The House Freedom Caucus is threatening to shut down the government unless Congress stops the federal cases against Donald Trump and cuts off funding for Ukraine.

The Freedom Caucus posted their demand letter:

Today the House Freedom Caucus took an official position on a continuing resolution to fund the government if the appropriations process is not complete by September 30th:

— House Freedom Caucus (@freedomcaucus) August 21, 2023

The House Republicans listed saving Trump in their demands:

By address, the Freedom Caucus means end the cases against Trump or defund the DOJ.

The Senate and President Biden will never agree to the list of demands. Democrats won’t pass a racist border bill, cut off funding to Ukraine, or get the DOJ to back off of Trump.

None of those demands will ever be met, so House Republicans are going to have to decide whether they will shut down the government or cater to the whims of Trump.

The government shutdown card is the last one that House Republicans have left to play to save Trump. If the government does shut down, I can’t wait for the GOP to explain to members of the military and people on Social Security that they won’t be getting their checks because Donald Trump has ordered a government shutdown.

The Freedom Caucus ransom note makes it clear that it is Donald Trump, not Kevin McCarthy, who is running the Republican House majority.


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