Another week, another new movie release about an Afghanistan war veteran rehabilitating a baby ocelot, and himself in the process, deep in the Amazon rainforest. Seems like they make 30 of these a year. That’s Hollywood for you!

We’re kidding, of course. Movies like “Wildcat,” available to stream today exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, don’t come around very often.

“Wildcat,” Amazon’s newest Original documentary, is the story of Harry Turner, a British-born Afghanistan war veteran medically discharged from military service with PTSD, and his partner, the American ecologist Samantha Zwicker, and how their lives are changed by Khan, an ocelot kitten they have vowed to rehabilitate in the Peruvian Amazon.

Harry, driven to solitude in the rainforest following his experiences in the war, finds a reason to live in Khan. And Khan, in turn, must rely on Harry and Samantha, or risk life in captivity, or worse.

If “Wildcat,” equal parts heartwarming and heart-wrenching, sounds like a great movie-night in to you, read on. Below, we’ve outlined more details about the film, its subjects, and how you can watch it now.

How to watch “Wildcat” on Prime Video

Prime Video

“Wildcat” is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t already have a subscription, it seems like every week, there are more reasons to get one (or try out a 30-day free trial).

In addition to “Wildcat,” a Prime Video subscription offers an impressive slate of some of the year’s biggest movies, including “My Policeman,” and award-winning original series like “The Boys,” “A League of Their Own,” and “Marvelous Ms. Maisel,” and hundreds of movies and binge-able TV shows, to name a few.

When will “Wildcat” be available?

As of today, Dec. 30, “Wildcat’ is available to stream in full exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Get a Prime Video subscription (if you don’t have one already), and send off 2022 with an adorable, emotional rollercoaster.

What is “Wildcat” about?

Ocelot, and especially baby ocelot, are among the cutest animals on earth (if you don’t believe us, try watching just 30 seconds of the trailer above). As a result, however, ocelot are particularly susceptible to capture and sale in the pet trade, in addition to mass deforestation.

Enter: Samantha Zwicker, a young American ecologist and conservationist, who founded the environmental nonprofit Hoja Nueva in Peru. Her latest project? Raising a baby ocelot for release into the wild, alongside her war-addled boyfriend, Harry Turner.

The result is a moving documentary about redemption, love, and a teeny-tiny baby ocelot. In short: this isn’t a documentary to be missed. Check it out tonight on Amazon Prime Video.

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