Special Counsel Jack Smith gave Mark Meadows immunity and the details that the former White House Chief of Staff can provide put Trump potentially closer to federal prison.

ABC News reported:

The sources said Meadows informed Smith’s team that he repeatedly told Trump in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election that the allegations of significant voting fraud coming to them were baseless, a striking break from Trump’s prolific rhetoric regarding the election.

According to the sources, Meadows also told the federal investigators Trump was being “dishonest” with the public when he first claimed to have won the election only hours after polls closed on Nov. 3, 2020, before final results were in.

“Obviously we didn’t win,” a source quoted Meadows as telling Smith’s team in hindsight.

Meadows has spoken with the special counsel three times and testified before the grand jury, which didn’t happen until he was granted immunity.

Mark Meadows flipping on Trump was expected. Meadows wasn’t federally charged and has distanced himself from Trump. It was reported that Trump and Meadows had been out of contact for months and months. As I wrote back in June when Trump and his lawyers had no idea that the former Chief of Staff was testifying before the federal grand jury, it appeared that Trump had a big Mark Meadows problem.

The nation now knows how big that problem is, and it is massive.

Meadows testifying under oath that Trump knew that he lost but lied to the American people goes to the heart of Trump’s claims that he was engaging in free speech and had no idea that he lost.

Jack Smith got Mark Meadows, which means that Trump is another step closer to being federally convicted.


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