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Jenna Bush Hager Dares Hoda Kotb To Copy Kim Kardashian’s Buzz Cut And Slim Eyebrows: “Can You Dress Like That To Work?”


Hoda Kotb had to keep Tuesday’s broadcast of Today With Hoda & Jenna on track after the conversation turned to a particularly dangerous fashion trend: thin eyebrows.

“The [thin] brow is something that we see on a runway, in a magazine, and everyone says it’s a new trend, it’s not a new trend,” Today Show style editor Bobbie Thomas told Kotb and her co-host, Jenna Bush Hager. “PSA: do not pluck your eyebrows.”

While she and Bush Hager discussed the dangers of the trend, they took a look at Kim Kardashian‘s latest cover shoot for CR Fashion Book which showed the reality star with a daring buzzcut and thin eyebrows.

“So, let me ask you Bobbie Thomas: Kim K. is on the cover of CR Fashion Book and she is sporting what appear to be very skinny eyebrows,” Kotb said.

“Yes, and what that involves is they take a glue stick, so you can borrow from Hope and Haley’s box,” Thomas explained, referring to Kotb’s two daughters. “And you glue your eyebrows down, and then you put foundation over them, and then you put your wig cap on, and you put on your buzzcut, and the magic of Hollywood comes alive.”

Bush Hager playfully asked, “Can you dress like that tomorrow for work? Do exactly what Bobbie just said. Can you please come to work like that?”

Hoda Kotb
Photo: NBC

“You don’t have to do it in the earlier hours when we’re talking about real stuff, but in our hour,” Bush Hager continued. “Please, I double dare you.”

Kotb asked her if she was joking before changing the subject: “These celebrities realize that people are actually following what they’re doing. They’re doing it temporarily as a thing, but these kids are gonna have no brows forever. Don’t shave [your eyebrows],” she said sternly.

But Bush Hager would not give up. “Please do it tomorrow, please, I’ll pay you $5,” she said.

“Why are you trying to egg me on?” Kotb replied with a laugh. While Kotb did not look like she was willing to go through that type of transformation for Today, she thankfully didn’t have to, because the show imagined it for her.

The segment ended when the producers revealed to the co-hosts how they would look with thin brows — and neither of them appeared particularly sold on the trend.

It looks like we’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see if Kotb really goes through Kim’s stunning transformation for Today.

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