President Biden said that he didn’t understand the connections that Katie Britt was trying to make in her SOTU rebuttal.

Transcript of President Biden’s remarks before heading to Philadelphia via The White House:

Have you seen Senator Britt’s rebuttal, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I just saw a little bit on television.

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Q What did you think?

THE PRESIDENT: I thought she was a very talented woman. I — I didn’t quite understand the connections she was making.

President Biden has been a national figure in American politics for over 50 years, and he didn’t understand what Katie Britt was getting at. However, the President was much kinder to Sen. Britt than many of her fellow Republicans have been. 

Katie Britt was just flat-out creepy. She was a Stepford wife who watches too much Newsmax and needs to stop reading Trump’s posts on Truth Social.

Britt’s rebuttal was so terrible that people are still talking about it on Friday evening. Republicans have a long history of crashing and burning at the SOTU response. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal may have been outdone on the scale of fail by Katie Britt.

Britt did sell the Republican message to potential voters. She confused and creeped them out.

Since the Republican Party is now under the firm control of a man with no message who has even less interest in governing,  the American people should get used to seeing more Republicans like Katie Britt.

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