Kimberly Guilfoyle did Donald Trump no favors as she tried to defend the former president by comparing him to late mob boss John Gotti.

Guilfoyle said on Newsmax, “It’s a disaster and it’s a sham. She’s really using this for her own political purposes and advancements and fundraising off of this. She’s one of four sham . You know, investigations and indictments. They you know, jumped the shark and release on the docket. Actually, the indictment before it even came out. And then she had to do the dog and pony show. You know, last night, it’s just absolutely ridiculous. And John Gotti Okay , Can you imagine RICO? Okay violations John Gotti never even had four. Or indictments at once. There’s no mob boss, let alone they do this to President Trump because they’re worried that they can’t beat him in the ballot box in 2024, and they want to go ahead and use this law fair weaponized the system against Joe Biden’s primary political opponent.


I don’t think comparing Trump to a mob boss is really where members of the Trump family should want to go after the former president was charged with a RICO violation. Guilfoyle stuck to the family line that this is all one big conspiracy against Trump, which surprisingly has never been leaked about considering that there are thousands of people involved in multiple states, but she went way off of the reservation when she started bringing up John Gotti.

Guilfoyle was so flustered that she was floundering about verbally unable to mount any sort of coherent explanation for why Trump was indicted.

She was almost as bad in her response as her partner Donald Trump Jr. 

The Trumps can’t defend this, and they can’t explain it away, so it looks like a collective family hysteria has set in.


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