Congress’ duty is to look into corruption involving a sitting president and into executive-branch abuses of power. REUTERS/ Leah Millis

House Republicans haven’t even launched their investigations yet, but the drive to delegitimize them is already underway. “Sounds personal,” sniffed NBC’s Chuck Todd; “to reward hardliners,” misreports Axios.

Utter nonsense: It’s Congress’ duty to look into apparent corruption involving a sitting president and into executive-branch abuses of power — and doubly so for the opposition party.

Yes, more conservative members are especially eager, but getting this work done actually unites Republicans. It’s not just the MAGA crew that’s furious at, for example, the pre-2020 election suppression of our reporting off Hunter Biden’s laptop — or, for that matter, the suppression of our early 2020 opinion piece flagging the likely role of that Wuhan lab in breeding COVID.

The planned Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is a necessary response to the revelations out of the Twitter Files that show a host of federal agencies demanding social-media suppression of “wrongthink” challenging the Biden administration line.

Many speculate the president benefitted from his son’s foreign deals.
AFP via Getty Images

And Biden family influence-peddling is a decades-old open Washington secret; the public absolutely needs to know how much Joe Biden profited from Hunter’s foreign dealings, and what Beijing or other hostile powers might have on not just the president’s son, but the president himself.

Yes, Rep. Jim Jordan will take point on some investigations, and other congressmen who got along fine with President Donald Trump others — but most of them were firebrands long before he rode down that escalator. Democrats certainly haven’t prevented their highly partisan members from running their probes.

And Speaker Kevin McCarthy shows no sign of preventing Dems from putting their picks on these committees. Unlike then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stacked Jan. 6 panel, minority-party critics will have full adversarial rights in these probes.

It’s bad enough that the major media have largely declined to look into any Biden administration scandals or abuses after years when they served as eager amplifiers for partisan misinformation out of the intelligence community. Must they also act as Democratic Party auxiliaries by attacking Republicans for finally doing the work?

Maybe they just fear their own collusion will come to light.