Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows took classified documents home with him, made copies, and handed them out to other people.

From the 1/6 Committee report:

Oof — Devin Nunes – Mark Meadows, classified documents given to reporters, including Jon Solomon — here about page 142

— Outspoken™️ (@Out5p0ken) December 27, 2022

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Taking classified documents home is a crime. Making copies of classified documents is a crime. Handing out copies of classified documents is also a crime.

The 1/6 Committee report explains why the DOJ did not act on the criminal referral of Meadows for contempt of Congress. Mark Meadows was also spearheading the fake elector plot from inside the White House.

Meadows looks to be in a great deal of criminal jeopardy. The fake elector plot was an effort to defraud the United States, and if Trump is potentially facing criminal indictment for removing classified documents from the White House, mishandling those documents, and then lying about having them, imagine the sort of jeopardy that his former chief of staff is facing for copying and distributing the documents.

One day in the near future, the American people may hear about a series of criminal indictments against Mark Meadows.

Not only has Meadows potentially committed crimes, but he would be a pivotal witness to flip if Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking to indict Donald Trump.


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