Trump’s lawyers are trying to control him, but Michael Cohen’s testimony is causing Trump to meltdown in Manhattan.

The scene in court:

As Cohen discusses the alleged complicity of Trump’s three adult children, Eric Trump is sitting in the front row of the audience—surrounded by Secret Service agents.

— Jose Pagliery (@Jose_Pagliery) October 24, 2023

As Cohen reminisces about the Trump Org culture of deceit, Trump is fussing at the defense table.

His attorneys keep patting him on the arm to calm down his (muted) outbursts.

He’s not loud, just annoyed.

— Jose Pagliery (@Jose_Pagliery) October 24, 2023

We all know what annoyed Trump means. Prepare for a 107 post outburst on Truth Social at 3 AM tonight. Cohen’s testimony is something that many have been waiting for, especially Cohen, as for the first time he gets to take the witness stand with Trump in the same room and detail Trump’s crimes and decades of fraud while under oath.

The sense that can be gleaned from reading the posts from those in the courtroom is that the only reason why Trump is not being more disruptive is the gag order. The former president has already been sanctioned once by this court and threatened with jail time.

However, it appears that Michael Cohen is pushing Trump’s button. Cohen was Trump’s right-hand man. He knows where all the bodies are buried in the Trump Organization and who did the digging.

Trump’s adult kids (Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka Trump) were all complicit in the alleged fraudulent criminal enterprise.

If there is one day that could push Donald Trump over the edge, it is today when Michael Cohen is on the stand.


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