Michael Cohen’s testimony got so far under Trump’s skin that he is lashing out at his favorites in the media and using imaginary words.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Writer Maggot Hagerman of the Failing New York Times wrote almost her entire FAKE story today about the Trump Hating Judge’s Gag Order (They love to silence me!), rather than the Racist Attorney General’s STAR witness chocking like a dog on the Witness Stand (Perry Mason?), and admitting that I NEVER asked him to do anything wrong. He also admitted that he lied to Congress Under Oath, AGAIN, brand new charges. THAT MEANS THEY NO LONGER HAVE A WITNESS, OR A CASE. She also failed to report that the Trump Hating Judge refuses to respect or accept the Appeals Court decision reversing him, a first! Maggot should focus her energies on Corrupt Prosecutors and Judges, whose hatred and bias is so great that they are unable to make a fair and reasonable decision. New York is crime ridden and dying, but I will save it in 2024… It can’t come too fast!

Trump didn’t say this, but what likely enraged him about Haberman’s story was that she and other NYT reporters pointed out how people who were close to Trump have flip=ped on him, and how the former president has no one around to take the fall for as he has had for decades.

No one else seems to think that Cohen “chocked” like a dog on the witness stand.

Trump seems to think that if he keeps up the fantasy that he won the fraud trial, it will become a reality. The facts are that Trump has already been found guilty, and this trial is about how severe the damages are going to be.

Michael Cohen’s testimony has gotten under Trump’s skin, and things are only going to get worse in future trials for the failed one-term former president.


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