Speaker Mike Johnson is under pressure to pass a bill that would support Trump and allow him to move stage charges to federal court, but Johnson can’t get the votes to pass the bill.

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Axios reported:

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is under pressure from GOP hardliners to schedule a vote on the measure as part of a full-court press to defend Trump, so any difficulty locking down votes could once again put him in their crosshairs.

The bill would allow current or former presidents to move state-level charges against them into federal court. It’s in direct response to Trump’s conviction last week in New York.

But the bill might be a bridge too far for moderate Republicans, who have told Axios they would struggle to support it.

It would be career suicide for any of the moderate Republicans in districts that Biden won in 2020 to vote for a bill that would support convicted felon Trump. There is no good reason for any of these Republicans to throw their careers away when even if the bill passed the House, it would be dead before it arrived in the Senate.

If Johnson can’t get the votes to pass this bill, there will be even more calls for his head by the far-right of the Republican conference.

The fastest way for Republicans to lose the House majority would be for Johnson to force the moderates to put it on the record that they support convicted felon Trump, but that seems to be what the burn-it-all-down House Republicans are pushing to do.

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