The NFL has decided not to resume the postponed Bills vs. Bengals game following Damar Hamlin’s frightening on-field cardiac arrest, according to the Associated Press.

The question now becomes what to do about the playoff seeding, which the league is still trying to figure out, according to the AP. Buffalo and Cincinnati were the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds, respectively, in the AFC heading into Monday night’s game. With no result, the situation gets a bit murky.

The league has floated a number of possibilities on how to handle the schedule inequity. ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reported on a wacky possibility on “First Take” Thursday in which the No. 1 seed would get a choice between a first-round bye or home field advantage throughout the playoffs, with the second seed getting the other option. Schefter said the league was considering the proposal.

Buffalo Bills players gather around Damar Hamlin after his on-field collapse Monday night
Buffalo Bills players gather around Damar Hamlin after his on-field collapse Monday night
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Schefter also suggested that the AFC Championship game could be played at a neutral site, to eliminate any home field advantage whatsoever.

Pro Football Talk even suggested that the league could add an eighth AFC playoff team to get rid of the bye entirely, though that could be pure speculation.

Adam Schefter believes the NFL will not look to resume the Bengals vs. Bill game and that league is working towards either a potential neutral site AFC Championship game or 1 seed choosing between getting having a bye or home field with 2 seed getting whatever not picked.

— The Comeback (@thecomeback) January 5, 2023

Either way, the league now knows what they are dealing with as they comb through the aftermath of Monday’s scary scene.

Hamlin has started to recover and is awake, doctors told reporters in a Thursday press conference, though he is still in the ICU and breathing through a ventilator.