Good news for democracy.

In Kentucky, all eyes are on the super close gubernatorial race, but the race for Secretary of State has just been called and it went to a Republican who beat election deniers in the Republican primary. He has been referred to as “The best-performing statewide GOP candidate in KY” by the Washington Post’s The Fix writer Aaron Blake.

Daniel Nichanian, Editor-in-chief and founder of BoltsMag, called it:

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a Republican, wins reelection.

Very unsurprising, but interesting context: Adams beat election deniers in GOP primary, hitting back on conspiracies. He faced a Dem challenger who argued for expanding ballot access further.

Aaron Blake:

The best-performing statewide GOP candidate in KY:

Secretary of State Michael Adams, who strongly rejected stolen-election talk and turned aside a primary challenge

He’s at 61%.

GOP AG candidate at 58%.

Cameron at 47%.

So this is not a surprise, but in a race the national media referred to as a bellwether, it’s notable that the trend against election deniers is continuing in Kentucky. It’s also rather interesting that he is the being called the best-performing statewide Republican.

U.S. House Republicans just elected an election denier to U.S. House Speaker.


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