Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, have recruited Dave McCormick to run against Sen. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, but McCormick couldn’t answer how many days that he lived in the state last year.

McCormick was asked on ABC27’s This Week In Pennsylvania how many days he lived in the state last year, and he answered:

Well, listen, I’m born in Pennsylvania, raised in Pennsylvania, went away from Pennsylvania to serve my country, went to West Point in the military, came back to Pennsylvania, created jobs in Pittsburgh, and then, like many Pennsylvanians, I had a great opportunity when I was working in the government to move and run a company that was outside of our great commonwealth.

But Pennsylvania’s been my home and, last campaign, I spent all the majority of my time in Pennsylvania and, um, and I, I am now. I live in Pennsylvania. I do. I do. I said I live in Pennsylvania. I live in Pittsburgh. I have a home in Pittsburgh. I have a family farm that is where I, in the town I grew up in.

I didn’t grow up on the farm, but I have it. And, and listen, I’m, like many Pennsylvanians, I’m divorced. And I have my youngest child who’s finishing high school. She lives with her mom in Connecticut. So I’m gonna go to Connecticut to see my daughter and be a good dad. And if there’s a political cost associated with that, so be it.

The most important thing, for you to know is this is a distraction. This is a distraction.

McCormick gave an answer that was over 200 words long, but none of them answered the question about how many days he lived in the state last year.

As Dr. Oz demonstrated, being in the state to campaign is not the same as living in Pennsylvania.



ABC27: How many days in the past year have you lived here in Pennsylvania?

Dave McCormick: Well, listen…#pasen

— danny (@dabbs346) October 1, 2023

In some states it isn’t a big deal, but in Pennsylvania, voters want their senator to be familiar with the state they represent.

McCormick was already going to have a hard time defeating Pennsylvania’s beloved Bob Casey, but if he can’t answer how many days he lived in the state last year, he’s got no chance in 2024.


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