Taylor Swift’s rabid fans need to calm down.

Hundreds of Swifties swarmed the songstress on Friday evening as she left a restaurant on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

The pop superstar purportedly dined with A-list pals for Jack Antonoff’s rehearsal dinner ahead of his Saturday wedding to Margaret Qualley.

Word got around that Swift was in attendance at the dinner, prompting an army of admirers to wait outside the eatery to get a glimpse of the Grammy-winner.

But while the fans were enchanted to see Swift when she finally emerged, bad blood began brewing online as many TikTok creators criticized the admirers’ “weirdo behavior.”

Some even said Swift looked “scared” as she was escorted to an awaiting car by security.

Meanwhile, one TikTok user described the devotees — whose chants of “Taylor Swift” echoed down the block — as “stalkers.”

“This is not the look of a woman who is happy to see y’all,” pop culture fanatic @Toris.Intel said in a TikTok video Saturday morning which showed Swift looking stunned by the scene.

Taylor Swift
Online, creators said Swift looked “scared” to see the hoards of people clamoring to see her.
Fans waiting for Taylor Swift
Hundreds of screaming people crowded the Long Beach Island street, waiting to see a glimpse of Swift.
Page Six

“The audacity meter is beyond,” TikTokker Tori aadded, calling the crowds “disrespectful” to both Swift and Antonoff.

She even pointed to song lyrics from the hitmaker’s chart-toppers supposedly referencing her unease with her presence as a viral spectacle.

“Why are y’all not listening?” Tori asked.

“Just insanely above and beyond these para-social relationships have gone with celebrities,” she continued, adding that she couldn’t imagine sitting outside of a private event just for a glimpse of an A-lister.

One TikToker called the hoards of screeching fans “absolutely disgusting” and argued that they probably “ruined” Antonoff’s nuptial celebrations.

Taylor Swift, Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum
Swift’s A-list pals were in tow as they exited what appears to be Antonoff’s rehearsal dinner ahead of his wedding.
Taylor Swift
Swift and Antonoff have been longtime friends.

“These are NOT real Swifties who waited for Taylor tonight,” another fan argued.

Paparazzi snaps from the Long Beach Island hubub showed Swift with actors Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum in tow.

One creator honed in on Kravitz’s face, claiming her expression encapsulated the evening perfectly.

“Zoe Kravtiz’s face is literally all of us watching you crazy psychopaths last night,” creator Kyle Roth said in a clip.

“Don’t do that to Taylor Swift. Did you guys not watch ‘Miss Americana?’” she added.

Roth, along with a slew of fellow Swifties, referenced the “Lavender Haze” singer’s documentary, which shows a mob of screaming fans blocking a street while the singer jumps into a car and attempts to escape.

Taylor Swift
Fans online referenced song lyrics and scenes from “Miss Americana” that pointed to Swift’s unease about raucous crowds of fans.
Taylor Swift
“These are NOT real Swifties who waited for Taylor tonight,” one person criticized the New Jersey crowd.

Despite the criticism, it’s believed fans are expected to be on the lookout for Swift again on Long Beach Island on Saturday night, where Antonoff and Qualley are set to wed.

The star-studded ceremony is also expected to be attended by Lana Del Rey, Cara Delevingne and Ryan Reynolds, per Page Six.

Rumors of their engagement began to swirl last year when Qualley flashed a dazzling diamond rock on her ring finger.