Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) insulted millions of hard working Americans who are seeking student loan relief bong smoking, unemployed, slackers.

Video of Cruz:

When you’re Sen. Ted Cruz, everyone’s a slacker.

— The Recount (@therecount) July 6, 2023

Sen. Cruz said on his podcast that student loan relief appeals to, “sort of young, unemployed, slackers smoking bongs that’s the sort of people who during COVID they wanted to pay not to work. Well, if you’re not working it’s hard to pay your student loans, and suddenly Democrats have told a bunch of 23 year old, you don’t gotta work man, that be mean to make you work.”

Ted Cruz has it completely wrong. The people who need student loan relief are working, and they are not 23 years old.

The facts are, “Forty-five million Americans have student loan debt — that’s about one in five U.S. adults (17.4%), according to an analysis of census data. Those ages 25 to 34 are the most likely to hold student loan debt, but the greatest amount is owed by those 35 to 49 — more than $600 billion, federal data show.”

Ted Cruz has no idea who the people are who are buried under student loan debt. President Biden was correct. The people who need student loan relief are trying to buy a house, start a family, maybe put their own kids through school, or save for the future.

These are hard working people, and Cruz’s comments illustrate why Republicans continue to lose elections. They don’t understand who they are insulting, and why these policies are important. Even worse, they don’t care.


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