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The Cointelegraph Top 100 list, 2023: Vote on who you think should make it

The 2023 edition of Cointelegraph’s Top 100 Most Influential in Crypto list will bring the most prominent, influential and artistic individuals, concepts and characters who shaped the crypto and blockchain industry in 2022 and are likely to make a further impact in the space in 2023.

With everything happening within the crypto space, it’s very difficult to create a list that will be accepted universally. Because of this, the criteria for the Cointelegraph Top 100 remains simple: those who had the biggest impact in 2022 and could potentially continue shaping the space next year. The list acknowledges those who had a positive as well as a negative impact within the space. After all, the mishaps may result in the space becoming more mature, with better regulation or wiser community members.

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