One of the ways that the FBI gathered so much information in the classified documents case was that they put Trump under surveillance.

The Messenger reported:

The FBI had extensive visual intelligence on what was happening inside Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort before executing its search warrant last summer on the way to the first-ever federal criminal charges against a former president, according to a court document released Wednesday.

Among the insights that the FBI had before it approached a federal court for approval on its search warrant connected to Trump’s handling of classified material upon leaving the White House: A snapshot of 61 boxes in the private club’s storage room, as well as surveillance footage of the materials being moved and not returned.

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The same court document also noted that the DOJ had established by August 2022 that Trump had lied about turning over all of the classified materials. The former president still had classified materials, and he was moving them around.

When Trump or one of his allies speaks about Joe Biden and government documents the difference is that there is no evidence that Biden lied to law enforcement, retained classified information, and was moving it around.

President Biden turned over the documents when they were found, and consented to a search to make sure that all documents were recovered, which is the opposite of Trump’s behavior.

The government was able to get enough evidence for a search warrant because Trump stopped getting special treatment and was treated like any other suspect.

Trump has every opportunity to follow the law and do the right thing. When he refused, the government moved to protect national security.


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