Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) tried to claim that Joe Biden’s lack of leadership is the reason why a small bag of cocaine was found at the White House.

Video of Scott:

The Republican presidential candidate said on Newsmax, “Think about this cocaine scandal at the White House. Think about the judgment that we’re seeing out of the White House whether it was during Pride month topless women parading around the White House, and now cocaine sitting around and think about the most important quality that binds it all together, The lack of leadership. This president reminds us of the dereliction of duty that we see every day on our southern border. Whether is the White House and cocaine, whether it was China, Whether it’s crime in the middle of our streets.”

The 2024 Republican primary is being led by a man who tried to blackmail Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden, attempted to overthrow the United States government after he lost an election, and has been caught stealing classified documents, so Sen. Scott should tread carefully if he is going to try to play the dereliction of duty card.

Joe Biden wasn’t even at the White House when the cocaine was found.

How is he responsible for any of this?

Scott tried to label the situation a scandal, which is a lot to put on the word scandal.

Just like Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott’s presidential campaign is going nowhere, so he is getting desperate with his attacks on the president.

Joe Biden is responsible for a lot of things, but the cocaine found at the White House is not one of them.


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