Hope Hicks is testifying at the hush money trial, and when Trump was asked if she betrayed him, he didn’t answer.

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Here was the scene as the court went on lunch break:

With one minute to go before the usual 1 p.m. lunch break, Justice Merchan thinks this is a good place to stop.

Trump exits the courtroom. He does not respond to a pooler who asks “Did Hope Hicks betray you?”

We’ll be back at 2:15 ET when Hope Hicks resumes her testimony.

— Anna Bower (@AnnaBower) May 3, 2024

Hope Hicks will be delivering key testimony about the plot to bury negative stories about Trump and how the scheme became criminal in Trump’s effort to prevent voters from ever knowing information that almost certainly would have cost him the 2016 election.

If Trump would have lost in 2016, the Republican Party would have almost certainly moved on to someone else in 2020, which means that the pandemic would have been handled differently, the 2020 election would have been a Democratic reelection campaign, 1/6 doesn’t happen, and Trump likely isn’t running for president.

The hush money it can be argued launched Donald Trump and put the nation in the current crisis that is threatening democracy.

Trump might have violated the gag order if he answered about Hope Hicks, but the crimes related to hush money and election interference are important because they deprived voters of key information that might have ended Trump’s career.

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