Convicted felon Trump is the first presumptive presidential nominee to have to sit for an interview with a probation officer.
NBC News provided the color for the interview:

Read: The Republican Presumptive Nominee for President is A Convicted Felon

The pre-sentencing probation interview will be done over a special virtual network with added security measures, and the interviewer will be a female, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation. The call is not expected to be held over Zoom, those sources added.

Trump could also be asked if he is associating with anyone with a criminal record because he cannot associate with them if he is placed on probation, Horn said. The probation officer may also want to interview others in Trump’s home afterward. Although officers typically fulfill their inquiries in one session, there could be follow-up interviews. The probation officer will then write a report and deliver it to Merchan.

Thanks to Trump, many of the people around the ex-president have criminal records. It could be the height of hilarity, if Trump violates his probation because his inner circle is full of criminals. Trump has shown no remorse.

In fact, he is fundraising off of the probation interview:

He’s fundraising off the meeting with his probation officer.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) June 10, 2024

The importance of this moment should not be overlooked. The Republican nominee for president is sitting down for an interview with a probation officer because he has been convicted of 34 felonies. Trump meeting with a probation officer can not be allowed to be treated like politics as usual.

None of this is normal, and every opportunity should be taken to remind voters that Joe Biden is the non-felon major party choice in the 2024 election.


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