Trump tried to campaign in South Carolina and said that he was going to beat Joe Biden in five months, but the election is next year.

Trump said while campaigning in South Carolina, “We did phenomenally here. We’ve always done well here, and we’re going to do it at a level that nobody has ever seen. So we broke the record twice. We’re going to break it a third time. We’re going to break our own record. So less than five months from now, we’re going to defeat crooked Joe Biden. We’re going to take back our country and we’re going to make America great again.”


Trump went from talking about the South Carolina primary to suddenly throwing in there that he is going to beat Joe Biden in five months.

Donald Trump is most definitely not going to beat Joe Biden in five months. Joe Biden is not running in the Republican South Carolina presidential primary. Trump would not be facing off in an election against Biden until November 2024, which is more than 13 months away.

Recently, Trump accused Biden of starting World War II. Biden has his verbal slip-ups, but he is coherent. The American people can understand his point. Trump is making no sense on the campaign trail. He is flubbing basic dates and facts.

If the media and Republicans want to make Biden’s age an issue, Trump is only a couple of years younger, and the evidence is growing that he is not mentally competent to be president.


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