Trump is attending his civil fraud trial in New York to generate publicity, but his efforts have backfired.

Trump thought that all of the networks would cover his every movement and he even talked to reporters outside of the courtroom where he managed to harm his own case by attacking the judge and prosecutor.

The former president said, “This is a continuation of the single biggest witch hunt of all times. We have a rogue judge who rules that a property is a tiny infraction, and we have a racist attorney general who is a horror show on the basis that she would get Trump before she knew anything about me and she used this to run for governor and failed. She had no following and came back and said, I will go back to get Trump again, and this what we have. It is a scam and a sham. Just so you know that my financial statements are phenomenal, and they are actually less in terms of the numbers used –”


The transcription cuts off because that is the point where CNN cut him off in midsentence.

MSNBC played none of Trump’s audio. Fox News covered him live and so did Newsmax. Trump went on for an additional six minutes and got zero mainstream coverage.

Trump went on to say that he committed no crime, but there was a crime committed against him. Trump claimed that the New York case is coordinated with the DOJ. It was the same ramblings that all of the prosecutions are a conspiracy to get him, because he is leading in the polls.

The only people who heard all of this were people who were probably already going to vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump didn’t get the mainstream publicity that he was seeking, but America did get to see video of him sitting in a courtroom at the defense table as a criminal defendant.

The strategy backfired. It is not 2016 anymore, and Donald Trump isn’t going to be given an unlimited platform each time that he shows up in court.


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