Trump may have fled his fraud trial in a huff, but the proceedings ended for the week on Friday with a dramatic confession of fraud by a Trump Organization executive.

NBC News reported:

Amer goes in for the kill, asking whether Weisselberg asked McConney on more than one occasion to assist him in committing tax fraud, McConney says yes.

McConney also admitted he was directed by Weisselberg to process a payroll check to Weisselberg’s wife, who was not an employee, so she could qualify for Social Security benefits.

Alan Weisselberg will be taking the stand on Tuesday, as New York prosecutors have Trump Organization executives admitting that they knowingly committed fraud. Remember, this trial is not about Donald Trump but the fate of his business. Trump very well could end up having to sell properties to pay off the judgment against the Trump Organization. The judge has already prohibited Trump from moving money around and suspended their basic ability to do business in New York.

It seems like a great deal of the coverage dried up once Donald Trump took his ball and went home after being hit with a gag order.

More than destroying the myth of Trump as a successful businessperson, this trial could crush Trump’s paper empire, which prosecutors allege was built with fraud.


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