An American woman who hid under dead bodies to survive Hamas’ surprise attack on an Israeli music festival said she’s terrified of the pro-Palestinian protests at college campuses after several escalated to antisemitic incidents.

Lee Sasi, 25, is now back in Los Angeles, where she is struggling to overcome what she had to endure on Oct. 7 as she faces growing antisemitism on college campuses across the United States.

She said she is worried about “all the protests and the rallies that are going on at the universities,” saying “it’s really scary” in an interview with News Nation’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday.

“And especially what I’ve been through, especially now more than ever, there should be no hate in this world,” Sasi said.

Over the past few weeks, Jewish students across the United States have reported feeling unsafe amid pro-Palestinian protests.

Lee Sasi, a 25 year old American woman who hid under dead bodies to survive Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, condemned pro-Palestine protests on college campuses.

One girl at the University of Washington was left in tears when hundreds of her peers held a “Day of resistance” rally for Palestinians — advertised with an image of a paraglider like those used by Hamas terrorists who massacred the festival goers.

“They want our people dead. They want us killed,” she could be seen sobbing to a school official, who said there was nothing he could do as hundreds clapped and banged drums in a video posted online.

At Cooper Union, a group of Jewish students barricaded themselves in a library last week as pro-Palestinian protesters blew past security and aggressively pounded on the building’s doors.

At George Washington University, mere blocks from the White House and State Department, student activists projected the words “Glory to our martyrs” and “Free Palestine From the River to the Sea” onto the school’s Gelman Library, named after a Jewish couple.

Sasi had attended a music festival in southern Israel on Oct. 7, when Hamas terrorists descended on the area and started killing festival goers.
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Sasi says she is “grateful to be alive and to live this beautiful life.”
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And at Harvard video posted online showed a Harvard University student getting mobbed by pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the Ivy League campus screaming, “Shame, shame, shame.”

“You know it’s really scary,” Sasi said of the demonstrations, “and I just want peace for everyone.”

But, she said, she is “grateful to be alive and to live this beautiful life” after being rescued from an Israeli bomb shelter where she hid for seven hours while Hamas terrorists continued their attack on Oct. 7.

She was one of only 10 people who survived the horrifying attack by hiding under dead bodies for hours — even though more than 30 people had entered the bomb shelter for cover, according to messages she sent a friend that were shared with i24news reporter Natasha Raquel Kirtchuk Gutman on Instagram.

Sasi was just one of 10 people who made it out of an Israeli bomb shelter alive.
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Sharing the terror she faced on Thursday, Sasi said she decided to turn to her faith.

“I was screaming to Hashem, which is our image of God, and I was screaming at Him, telling Him that if I come out that I will put my life towards Hashem and be closer to God and keep Shabbat,” she recounted.

She said she has been keeping that promise ever since “and I feel Hashem around me and I feel that presence, and I feel so grateful and it’s, you know, I will always say thank you to Hashem.”